How to Make a Monotype Print

  1. Draw an image on the plate with a watercolor pencil.

  2. Paint in the image, using water-based ink with a gel medium to help it adhere to the plate. Let the image dry.

  3. Cut a piece of good printing paper larger than the plate. Wet this paper in warm water in a large photography tray and blot it between two large clean towels.

  4. Center the painted plate face up on the bed of the etching press. Carefully postion the damp printing paper over the plate. Cover these with another larger piece of paper to help keep the blankets clean.

  5. Bring down the three felt blankets on top of the plate and papers. Smooth the blankets and check that they are square on the press bed.

  6. Crank the bed of the press between the rollers, backwards and forwards.

  7. Lift up the blankets. Lift up the large paper. Carefully peel the print up from the plate.

  8. Immediately pin the print up by all sides so that it will dry flat.

© 2003 Lucy Rozier, updated 7/26/04